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Post Info TOPIC: Unfair Dismissal ???...
Was Juli Briskman treated unfairly ?... [3 vote(s)]

Freedom of Speech should not cost you your job.
Her employer could do with a "bird" too.
The US-of-A is going down-hill in a big hurry. She expressed this the only way possible to the man responsible.
Have we all lost our sense-of-humor ?...
I'll employ her without question.
She didn't even say anything, but actions speak louder than words, she deserves to go.
The president deserves a little more respect.


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Unfair Dismissal ???...

Yo folks,

No doubt you've heard about the "bird" that cost Juli Briskman her job...She says she's quite happy over-all, & feels better for letting her thoughts & feelings fly at Mr.Trump, & his policies.

What are your thoughts on this matter ?

VOTE !!!

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I'm not sure if it's exactly an "unfair" dismissal Rastus...

She obviously has the right to express herself, which she did, however the company she works for is not obligated to entertain her political opinions.

That said, it's clear she brought heat down on the people who employ her. I am sure she didn't expect all this to happen, but she even went so far as to say if she had it all to do over again she would have done the exact same thing! With that kind of revelation you really have to take empathy out of the equation. 

I was at the Hollywood walk of fame in California when I seen these two Mexican guys taking a photo by Trump's star while they both flipped a bird in front of it. I still took my photo by Trump's star but surrounded by people who obviously did not care for Trump. That's when I realized all these Liberals and their disrespect was just way out of hand! I never cared for Obama, and this forum is filled with threads where I disagree with his thoughts and ideas.... But never in public would I flip the bird at the President, or allow my feelings to tarnish the status of the Presidency. While I may not have cared for Obama I always at lease afforded him the modesty in public for the plain and simple fact that I did not want to look like this cunt, who obviously has no respect for the Office of the President but I'd imagine she does now. 



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Fair point-of-view SELLC IMO.

My main reason for posting the thread was that I was shocked more from the fact that it was apparently a motorcyclist in the caravan, that took the photo of her, whilst she was on the bicycle, delivering the bird...So...

* I don't understand how someone riding a motorcycle can take a photograph...( I sure can't without likely crashing ).

* She was riding a bicycle with "no" form of identification anywhere...( It's not as though she has a license-plate fitted lol ).

And yet "officials" managed to work-out the who, what's & where's ?...

Scary IMO...

I don't think I could give the "bird" to anyone without having a discussion with them first, & so be wound-up to deliver the "sit-on-this" gesture.

Anyhow, it may prove interesting to hear / see what others think, or how they vote...I did try to make the choices fair, & not one-sided.

NB. I was nearly going to start a thread on the "North Korea Nuclear Accident", as I whole-heartedly think some "upper-level" & Top-Secret mission has been accomplished behind-the-scenes, but there's no proof of course...And I'm not going to start any "conspiracy-theory", as this is not the place, & discussion based on speculation is really a waste of time...

But if you like ?....I'll start a thread with your blessing...This is your place, & it could get messy lol !

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