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Post Info TOPIC: UFO's
What are your thoughts & /or experiences with these matters ? [3 vote(s)]

Yes, they are real, no doubt.
I've never seen one, but I perceive we're not alone.
The Government has me greatly confused on this matter.
Who cares ?
You must be joking, haven't we heard enough about this bull****
No, it makes for great publicity however !


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Hello folks,

I myself have always had a great interest in this subject matter, & have actually seen a couple in my life-time so far. ( Not little green men, or any abduction with anal-probes (like Stoma has received lol), but certainly Unidentified Flying Objects flying in the sky )....The point of this unusual topic / thread is to learn what you may or may not have seen in your time here, & your thoughts on the subject.

This subject can go pear-shaped quite quickly, but I think it's important to discuss this matter in an open & honest manner, & without ridicule or scorn to any members or visitors, that have some input to help us all gain a little understanding on this "swept-under-the-carpet" subject.

Of course there will likely be examples provided of past reports etc, to support ones claims, & this is fine ! But to keep on-topic with personal thoughts & experiences, please don't start a fight or war based on past reports or claims, but reveal only your own perceptions.

Why did I start this thread ?...Great question ! Believe it or not, "enenews" has just posted an interesting article with regards to UFO's, & their persistent appearances around Nuclear facilities, that records date back to the mid-1940's of sightings, that continue to the present day....Yes...

My thoughts here are that with all the calculated pollution that's been released from every Nuclear disaster, ( not the least Fukushima Daiichi ), that we should have disappeared from existence a long time ago, & that we're possibly being helped-out by these "caring" visitors, & that's why we're still here !

Vote !!! And post your thoughts !!! And check-out "enenews" for your own interest into the current observations & Government responses...It seems the world is changing, hopefully for the better !





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I voted yes they are real, because I'm quite sure that flying objects have existed that we have been unable to identify. Does that mean that I believe they are alien flying saucers - probably not.

We have been sending radio waves in to space for about 100 years, and we have yet to receive back any that would indicate intelligent life- at least within our corner of the galaxy. But with as vast as just our galaxy is, 100 years isn't nearly long enough for a meaningful result. And when you consider the fact that the Milky Way Galaxy is itself larger than our brains can comprehend, it is still only 1 galaxy, and there are more galaxies in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth.

Is there life elsewhere in the universe? Most likely albiet extremely rare... Will we ever make contact? Nope.

I say this because the Universe is expanding outward in every direction, which means the distance between galaxies is growing and doing so at an increasing rate of speed that will eventually reach near the speed of light. In fact, when we look at the stars in the night sky, we are actually looking back in time at the galaxy as it was millions of years ago. This is because visible changes to the galaxy are also limited to the speed of light, which over such distances is relatively slow.

Whereas the maximum speed we will ever even dream of traveling is near the speed of light, we will never be able to make any progress in closing the gap between galaxies, which means we are left to searching for life within the Milky Way Galaxy, which is also expanding outward in every direction. though not as quickly.

With as rare as intelligent life is likely to be, it is quite possible that we are alone at least within the Milky Way, which is eventually going to become like all other galaxies - an Island unreachable by anyone from another galaxy. But even if there is intelligent life elsewhere within the Milky Way, we are unlikely to ever make contact because by the time they receive the first radio signal we sent 100 years ago, our species will have already been extinct for a very long time from the inevitable death of our own sun. Even without human induced climate change, our sun will grow increasingly hotter and cook off our oceans long before it goes supernova. A species advanced enough to leave now will likely find Earth to be a cooked rock like Venus by the time they get here, though they may at least be able to study some of our ruins.

Unless of course we repeal the new Trump corporate tax welfare and instead reinvest in education, colonizing space, and other more worthy ventures.


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PowerStroker wrote:

Unless of course we repeal the new Trump corporate tax welfare and instead reinvest in education, colonizing space, and other more worthy ventures.




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Cool posts folks ! And I really like the fact that so far, the votes are aiming in a positive way, that there "is" the possibility of visitors / entities looking around here.

Over the past 20-years or so, there also seems to be quite a few respected military personnel & government officials ( including astronauts & cosmonauts alike ) that are revealing their own experiences to the public, in an effort to bring insight to us from their own experiences. I personally find great interest in the reports from before the 1950's, when the world was a much larger & disconnected from place-to-place, & communications were a rare ability shared by only the most advanced countries. This gives more credit IMO to reports of sightings from around the world, that were seen on similar dates & times, & reported locally in news-papers etc, but yet remained unknown to the rest-of-the-world until weeks later, until news-papers arrived from these places...And yet these appearances happened on the same nights etc.

Little-green-men aside, ( for now ), I tend to think that a majority of these sightings are of living life-forms, that do-their-thing by their own natural course, just like a fish swims in water, & a bird flies in our air. These life-forms have their place in outer-space, & do their thing in their own environment. It also seems that their "being" is generally out-of-our sensory spectrum, & only sometimes, do their spectrum's & ours overlap, which is why we sometimes see them, & mostly not. ( Think of a mouse that you spot in your kitchen, & one moment he's there looking at you, & the next, he's disappeared, & appears at the other-side of the room. He's moved so fast, that our eye's ( by design ) were too slow to see the movement, & yet there he is, on the other side of the room). - Maybe not the best example, but it does suggest what I'm alluring to.

Anyhow, let's hope more folks chime-in soon ! I'll write about my sighting(s) sometime soon, though they're hardly anything super-special, though unusual.

Check this link out !

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