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Post Info TOPIC: 2000 Taurus SHO V8 Goes 128,000 Miles on original spark plugs!


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2000 Taurus SHO V8 Goes 128,000 Miles on original spark plugs!

Yes its true!

I just recently did a tune up on a 2000 Ford Taurus SHO V8 that had 128,000 miles on the original plugs on the back side of the motor! That my friends is impressive. More impressive is the intake manifold that must be removed to gain access to the back bank of plugs. For thouse of you not in the know the V8 Ford Taurus SHO motor is a front wheel drive Super High Output engine that is transverse mounted. While the job was not all that bad, and I was even able to re-use the original steel intake gaskets, I am still in awe that this vehicle was able to run that long on a single set of plugs.

When the car came in it had a very choppy idle and dumped gas like a MOFO. It had 6 hard troubble codes also. In the end it took 8 new spark plugs and a coil. Keep in mind the 2000 and up SHO use an individual coil pack over spark plug set up. Coils are a little under $130 each. There are 8 coils in total on a 2000 SHO. Do the math... Thats almost $1000 in coils if they all went out at the same time. (Not very likley).

After that it ran like silk with no raw fuel smell. When I get back to the shop I will post photos for you all.

P.S. So you know the spark plugs on this vehicle are platinum and $5.00 each!



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I dont know what happend to the photos that I posted on this thread, but I am going to re-post them so people can see.

In the end, the guy should have replaced ALL 4 of the back coils, given the amount of work/labor cost to R/R the upper intake manifold. Some people never listen, and the end result is paying twice.


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What's impressive is someone was too cheap to get a proper tune up done before 128k miles.

All the coils have the same number of miles or hours on 'em... might as well just do 'em all.

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Yah, this thread is like 5 years old, but better late than never. I've been busy lately just got back to picking on people on the internet now.

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