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Post Info TOPIC: Whats with this PRINTER INK SCAM anyway?


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Whats with this PRINTER INK SCAM anyway?

Anyone ever noticed the scam the printer people got going with the printers and the ink cartrige refills? I mean shit! You can buy a printer for $29.99 but the to re-fill the ink it cost some $45.00! Almost twice what you paid for the printer!

I have noticed this over the years and what I did was refill my own cartriges. So far over the past 4 years I have gone thru 3 printers at no more than $39.00 each. I print lots of shipping labels and CD jackets ect. and all of them I refilled the ink cartriges on until they ultimatly gave out and died.

Well another one died last week, and now I am happy to announce they have a new scam. They sell the printers still for $29.00 however they dont come with black in cartriges anymore. You have to buy them seperate. They come with what is called a "Tester" ink cartrige that prints 10-15 pages.

What a scam.. I was lucky enough to score a lexmark printer for free with two black ink cartriges from a person who only printed color and no longer needed the printer. So now I am good for another year so long as the printer does not die. Anyone else on here re-fill your printer ink? I do and it saves a lot of money, I cant see paying $45.00 for a plastic container of ink when I can buy almost a gallon of ink for half the price that will last years and years.

Did anyone else ever notice this?

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