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Post Info TOPIC: AT&T Tilt Cell Phone with Wireless Internet + Teathering
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AT&T Tilt Cell Phone with Wireless Internet + Teathering

I have recently purchased an AT&T air card that gets internet speeds of almost 3.5 MPS in speed. I had to purchase a special data plan that is reffered to as "Unlimited" when you purchase it. Later I find out that the $60 unlimited data plan with "Teathering" is limited to 5 GB per month. I asked the rep why they call it unlimited and I was told that for all intents and purposes 5 GB is unlimited. I then asked the rep what happend if I went over 5 GB in a month and I was told that "At this time we are not charging for overage" and "If you are using more than 5 GB per month you must be ABUSING the plan".

I find it funny all of the bull shit terms they come up with. From trying to say "Unlimited" to it realling meaning 5GB and then there is the ultimate BS story about not charging for overage! LOL I can just see myself getting some outrageous bill for overage when they do decided to start charging, and I am willing to be there will be no notice when this time comes.

I am thinking it may be best for me to get one of them AT&T Tilt phones that are advertised to be capable of "Teathering". Teathering means that your phone or air card can connect to a computer and act as a modem. AT&T is offering the 3G network with speeds @ 3.4 Gigs! I have been trying it out and I am most impressed with the reliability of the network and the speeds are not all bad, however I think it would be better to have the phone that also works with the internet as currently I am sporting an ECONO model Nokia as my MPX220 has long since expired. Right now you can buy the refurbished Tilt for $149.00 which I think is a far price considering all that the Tilt offers.

You will see that early on I was considering a Iphone however I have come to the conclusion that being an auto mechanic it may not be a good idea getting a phone that uses a touch screen.

I have had one hell of a month over here. Its been rough and I am trying to figure out if maybe I should return this air card for the Tilt, and then get something in wrighting that states that any usage over 5GB is at no charge and that I will be given proper notification prior to any changes in that policy. I bet I will have real good luck with that.


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