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Post Info TOPIC: CERN - LHC aka Large Hadron Collider Videos - End of the world? Nah....
Do you think the LHC is a good idea? [2 vote(s)]

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CERN - LHC aka Large Hadron Collider Videos - End of the world? Nah....

I see much talk about CERN's LHC also known as the Large Hadron Collider.

While this project has many people worried that it will bring about the end of the world, you should take comfort in knowing that this sort of thing has been done (on a smaller scale) right here in the United States. I am told that a similar style device is used in Chicago however CERN's LHC is boasted to be some 7 times more powerfull.

Just what is the LHC going to do? Well in short it will smash together protons in an effort to create what some think happend just after the big bang theroy. Now given the sheer size of this project it has many worried that in doing so the energy released could create a black hole, which could consume the earth. I myself do not think we have reached the ability to recreate the forces that the universe has to make that a fact.

Sometimes it is easier to learn thru videos, which is why I have supplied these video's in an effort to help people understand just what the LHC is all about. I dont think that this first video is very funny given the seriousness of what we are about to learn, however it does somewhat put things in perspective while keeping a tone that is not screaming "The end of the world" however should the person whom made this video be in charge of it, I would be concerned, as this video is really somewhat ghetto and child like when trying to make us understand. Enjoy the video, while knowing that the people who made it are just the folks whom are on-lookers.

This next video shows a more serious tone, and should explain a little more.

This next video shows what some think a black hole would do to the planet. Somewhat scarry, yet I dont feel its something we have to worry about.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and videos, as I only listed a few of my own.

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