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07' Mustang Gt Premium

Hello, I have a 2007 Ford Mustang GT and have a problem that I can't figure out. I was cruising down the road when my car just stalled. It's a manual transmission so I restarted it as I was coasting and it had no compression on the gas pedal and stalled again. This happened about a dozen times until I coasted into a parking lot. I got the car home and went to activate the alarm and had no audible horn. I tried pressing the car horn on the steering wheel and nothing. I checked fuses and relays and they were good. So I tried starting it again, it started for 3-5 seconds and stalled. I ended up buying crc mass air flow sensor cleaner and cleaned the sensor, put a new air filter in and put a new fuel filter in. The car started and the engine light is on. I was able to drive it to the parts store and had them check the engine code and it read a bad injector (s). I tested each injector with the engine running by unplugging each one, one at a time, and all the injectors seem to be fine.They sold me some good injector cleaner, I filled the tank and added the cleaner and was on my way back home and it stalled several times. Now it will start but if I press the horn on the steering wheel the engine shuts down!  Everything (besides the flow master exhaust) is stock. Could there be a problem with the theft (pats) system? A buddy told me that the alarm system is designed to shut down the fuel injectors. He said that if the theft system is bad that it could send a false signal to the computer saying an injector (s) is/are bad even if they're not. we've looked at the fuel pump and it's getting the right psi of fuel so we are stummped. Has anybody else had a problem like this or does anybody have any advice? Thanks

Mike DiRando


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Bummer ! What a horrible thing to happen & now give you the sh**s LOL. My 2-cents would be to try this...

1 Confirm that you have the numbers for your radio code & any other electrical device that needs a code to be operational again.

2 Disconnect your battery ( negative terminal ) for at least 2-minutes. This "should" clear the warning codes & clear the computers memory. This means no more warning lights.

3 You friend is possibly on-to-something when he suggests it's to do with your alarm system. Have this checked-out first by the people that fitted it. Should they find something, there's a good chance steps 1 & 2 will need to be completed again.

All the best & good luck,


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The PATS system only has a 2 second window of opportunity to decide whether to disable the vehicle once it's running, and usually makes it's decision long before the engine even starts. If the stalling occurs after 2 seconds of run time, the PATS system is absolutely not the culprit. 

Based on your weird electrical symptoms, and how honking the horn can make it stall, I'd be looking for a base electrical concern. What is your charging voltage? Perhaps making sure the battery cable connections are tight and clean would be a good idea. If you can grab the battery cables and twist them on their posts by hand, they are too loose. If charging voltage and connections are ok, voltage drop testing the grounds and power ckts would likely be next, followed by load testing the PCM power and ground ckts.



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Another possibility that comes to mind is a possible aftermarket alarm, stereo or remote start. Often times the people who install these aftermarket accessories are in a big hurry, and thus the quality of their work and wiring methods show.


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