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Post Info TOPIC: M117 + m119 hybrid engines: what do we KNOW?

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M117 + m119 hybrid engines: what do we KNOW?

Brice Mendel's $90,000 (asking) Japan AMG "6.0" on eBay raises some questions.  It sure looks like an m119 block with m117 accessories on it, and the heat shielding on the double snorkels doesn't look very professional.  So I'm thinking that this is not the original 6.0 that the car came with.  So I'm not asking about the m117 DOHC that AMG made pre-m119.  In asking here what you guys know about putter by m117 parts into/onto a 5.0 m119.  The reason behind this is more than curiousity. We've got m119 blocks 3-4 different kinds of 5.0 m119:

early k-jet with (supposedly) 4,000 miles on it that was taken out of service due to imperfections in the alloy block right at the head gasket. 

1992 500sel "close-deck" block still in the car, running and driving icing with the intention of pulling it out to modify an older cooler car. (On the floor)

1990 500sl engine (on the way and to be pulled asap) should be the same as the 4000 mile block. 

1995 sl500 (to be pulled asap)

That's all the m119 we currently have.  We also have the following v8 engines:

3.5 d-jet (x2, one to be stripped down asap)

3.8 from US 1985 380sl (TC jumped, on the floor)

3.8 from euro 1983 380se (in the car to ultimately get parted it seems, but still drives)

4.5 d-jet (x5-7 , 2+ on the floor)

4.5 k-jet (x2, one on the floor)

5.0 from 1983? 500sl to be pulled, plus others in cars we don't want to scrap

5.6 (x3 560sel running, one on floor w no oil pan, one still in 560sl parts car)


I am really wondering if we've got the stuff to at least make a m119 run on an older single distributor, preferably a pre-1986 one.  I'm not a fan of the dual dizzy caps.  

We can also test a m117 crank shaft in an m119 too.  We probably won't want to spend the money to make a reliable engine though. 

So what do you guys "know" (or at least want to share)?


Thanks in advance!



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I know that Bruce Mendel is a W126 connoisseur of sorts... I don't doubt that his offering is legit. 

I once got a Japan SEC from a customer of his when it got totaled. It was a clean machine and all of it's European drivetrain was present and in order... read that as authentic.

You looking at buying a $90,000 AMG? Seems a little out of your league, but don't feel bad... at $90k it's out of my league too.



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I now see this guy is not Bruce Mendel. I didn't expect this guy to have nice cars after selling him a used 380slc engine. Someone tipped me off that I actually know this guy.

Check out the BW thread:

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