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Post Info TOPIC: 1991 560 sec Top end rebuild- need some help !!


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1991 560 sec Top end rebuild- need some help !!

Hi there,

Im about to start a full top end rebuild on my Sec...I have the use of a shop, tools etc and all parts required, I also have a factory service manual. what I really need to get started is a step by step( part by part) list of what to take off, in sequence. I think with the manual and correct tools I should be able to make this happen, jusy need to start and not sure where to begin ???

THX !!  



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I add that im replacing both cylinder heads etc  



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The job isn't too bad to do IMO. Patience is the key, simply because your nuts & bolts will be over 25-years old, & a lot of them undisturbed until now. You want a liquid spray like CRC handy for things like exhaust fasteners etc etc.

Personally, I always start from the bottom, & work back to the top, so that you're not above & below all day. A quick guide might be something like this, there's no real rights or wrongs, but use your common sense & the manual to mark things out that need to be re-aligned back into position on re-fit.

* Disconnect the battery.
* Spray the exhaust-pipe-fasteners with CRC or similar.
* Drain engine oil & radiator of all fluid.
* Remove exhaust pipes. ( I live in Oz, & our models are fitted with proper full twin systems ).
* Rotate the engine to TDC. ( Recheck once rocker-covers are off, or lift dizzy-cap away to confirm No.1 is at TDC ).
* Remove all belts.
* Remove timing chain tensioner. ( Often this is replaced with a new OEM item, along with the chain-guides ).
* Remove rocker covers.
* Check alignment of both camshaft positions, to confirm timing-chain serviceability.
* Remove fuel hoses.
* Remove & tag if necessary all electrical connexions.
* Remove intake manifold & associated rubber parts that may need to be disturbed. (Replace if needed).
* Remove your cylinder heads.
* Inspect & measure your cylinder-head bolts. Replace if stretched out-of-OEM specs.
* Inspect the threads in the block for the cylinder-head bolts. Clean-out & repair as required, including all surfaces.
* Reverse this sequence on re-assembly, & torque your bolts in sequence, & as advised by the manual.

Any further details would be found in the manual you have. Camshaft swapping can be completed after removal, or when cyl-head is still installed. Choice is yours. And DON'T MIX UP THE CAM FOLLOWERS or HYDRAULIC COMPENSATING ELEMENTS. They MUST be re-fitted into their same working positions, unless you're replacing with ALL NEW components.




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