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Post Info TOPIC: Please Mr Trump, let me pull the trigger

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RE: Please Mr Trump, let me pull the trigger

Policy and law are not the same thing.  I never said you said it was a law, but you DO keep referring to it as a policy.  A policy outlines what a government ministry hopes to achieve and the methods and principles it will use to achieve them.  Obama never had the votes to even do this thing, the Senate wanted no part of it.  NOBODY did.  Obama just went ahead and did like he always did -- whateverthehell he wanted to do, and fuck everybody else.  Nobody had the stones to go against him or disagree because he was the "first black president", and nobody wanted to be viewed as 'racist'.  It was not a law, it was not a treaty, it was not a policy, it was not an executive agreement, it wasn't even a signed document!  

Part of that letter I posted also states, "the United States has a long-standing practice of addressing sensitive problems in negotiations that culminate in political commitments.  The success of the JCPOA will depend not on whether it is legally binding or signed, but rather on the extensive verification measures we have put in place..."  Do you realize the folly of this?  The Obama administration said it didn't matter if the Iranians signed it or not!  Whether they agree to it and abide by it is what matters.  Why the hell would they abide by it if they didn't sign it, especially when anyone with a modicum of sense knows they never would've had any intention of doing so regardless?  This document has no weight.

" well as Iran's understanding that we have the capacity to re-impose -- and ramp up -- our sanctions if Iran does not meet its commitments."  Well, guess what?  Iran didn't, and we DID, this week under the auspices of President Trump.  This document was nothing more than a "statement of principles", which is all the Paris climate accords have ever been.  It is completely unofficial. 

So, let's recap:  it was never a law, it was never a treaty, it wasn't signed, it wasn't ratified, it was nothing more than Obama's personal preferences that nobody had the audacity to disagree with because he was the first black president, it was never anything that was actually enforceable. 

To add insult to injury, we gave them $150 very large to ostensibly 'behave'.  Then, unloaded $1.5 billion on pallets, on an unmarked plane, in the middle of the night, that was essentially and for all intents and purposes for the release of American hostages being held by Iran.  First, where did all this money come from, and second, after this was all done, that idiot John Kerry actually admitted some of that money would be used to fund terrorist client states of Iran.

If you're President, and you really believe in something, you get the elected representatives of the people behind it.  Make it a treaty.  Obama couldn't do that.  If it had been a treaty, we would've been committed to it, and Trump wouldn't have been able to get rid of it.


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I agree, Blade!

It was 100% a money scheme that enriched people who wished not to be named and at least two people who inherently are responsible for pushing it thru in the most crooked of ways...

I also understand that the Iran deal as it was written, forced the USA to defend Iran should they be attacked. 

Obviously that deal had to go! Why the hell are we going to protect a state sponsor of terror!?

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