JULY 21, 2018 9:28 AM  

(Big League Politics) Former President Barack H. Obama had a slip of the tongue during a speech in Kogelo, Kenya today.

Now, three years ago, I visited Kenya as the first sitting American President to come from Kenya, he said.

There was a pause and some awkward laughter from the crowd after he made his remark at the 5:49 mark of the 15-minute speech.


Bombshell: Evidence That Ann Dunham Is Not Obamas Real Mother

At this point, we have no way of knowing who Barack Obama really is.

Everything surrounding his birth is highly suspicious. He has never produced a live birth certificate, after all these years and all the doubts raised about whether or not he was a natural US citizen.

Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan Muslim who was known for being a con artist, is obviously his officially recognized father, which is suspicious enough already.

But on top of the doubts of his birthplace, theories have arisen as to whether or not Obama is even his real father. Frank Davis and Malcom X are among those speculated to be Obama Jrs real dad, as well as Muhammed Subud, the founder of the Subud cult of which Obamas supposed mother, Ann Dunham, was a member.

People have put composites of Subud and Obama together, speculating that the likeness between Obama and Subud indicate he could have been Obamas real father.

Hes also had several different names, Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, Barry Obama, Steven Dunham , Barry Soetoro, which just adds to the mystery of who Obama really is.

What kind of normal person changes their names this many times?

Then there is the matter of Loretta Fuddy, the woman called to verify the birth certificate of Obamas supposed Hawaiian birth by the White House (although there is still no record of his birth in any hospital on Oahu, where he was supposedly born.)

DC Clothesline reports This alleged cover up was again in the limelight a short time ago when a small passenger plane crash took the life of Loretta Fuddy. Since that time we have found that Fuddy was also involved in the Subud Cult that Ann Dunham was involved with. When you combine that with the fact that it was Fuddy who finally delivered the Certificate of Live Birth to The White House, the theories are readily abundant.

They also point to a recent interview given by a former British Intelligence official, who has obtained a photograph that blows the possibility of Dunham being Obamas real mother completely out of the water.

In an interview on Mark Gillars Tea Party Power Hour, Michael Shrimpton says that the CIA is in possession of a photograph that proves that Dunham could not be Obamas birth mother. Why? Because a photo was taken of her at the beach just one month before Barack Obamas birth and she was not pregnant at the time, DC Clothesline explains.

This is not the first accusation of Stanley Ann Dunham being a fake. In June of 2013 John Gaultier posted a photo that could prove that her social security number is fraudulent. Basically the application was submitted in 1959 on a form that was revised in 1965, they add.

Now that Obama has come and gone from the White House, there is no way of rectifying all the damage done by electing someone so mysterious, and possibly not even American, to the White House. But he does leave behind a legacy apparently as deceptive of his identity itself.