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Post Info TOPIC: How much money to install LT4 Cam/Rockers/Pushrods on 95 Z28?

How much money to install LT4 Cam/Rockers/Pushrods on 95 Z28?

I have a 1995 Camaro Z28 and I was wondering how much it would cost to install a Hot cam with roller rocker arms in my car?

I hear that just the cam and lifters will make a big diffrence in HP. I am thinking about getting LT4 heads but I can not source an LT4 intake manifold. I really do not like the Edelbrock Air Gap. I want the Genuine LT4 intake or nothing.

My car started pounding the other day and I found a bent pushrod. My car has close to 160,000 miles but runs very good and does not smoke or overheat. Do you think it would just be best to overhaul the entire engine?

Does this place offer installation/overhauls? I seen on e-bay this listing-

LT1 to LT4 Clone Engine Overhaul

Does this forum build engines!? I am very interested! biggrin


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Lets see here.... If NOTHING goes wrong with the install and you go with something smaller than that hot cam (Since it is .525 lift and requires better springs) and retrofit the rocker arms, this would be what an estimate would look like from a dealer or repair facility IF THEY WOULD EVEN PERFORM THE WORK. Hold on to your seat! bleh

$300 +/- for a roller camshaft
$280 +/- for roller rocker arms
$100 +/- for good push rods
$40 +/- for a set of guides
$70 +/- for a set of rocker studs to use the guides
$220 +/- for a set of roller lifters
$100 +/- for a timing cover, valve cover, intake and exhaust gaskets
$200 +/- for valve covers to clear said new roller rockers (This is if your buddy eats the labor to cut them to fit, if not plan on 400-500 for valve covers)
$1310 in parts ALONE

Then we have the labor... And sorry to say its is a CLASS A job rated at 15.2 hours NOT INCLUDING the conversion/retrofit to roller rockers or work to the valve covers. So lets just add another 5 hours on to that for fairness. You got 20.2 hours at normal mechanical labor rate for performance work @ $90 an hour (And this is about a $30.00 gift per hour as most performance shops are $120-150 per hour) and you have yourself $1818.00 in labor, which is not bad considering the general labor rule of thumb is twice the cost of parts.

So we have $1310 and $1818.00 in labor = $3128.00

Gee wizz... You could damn near buy a whole nother engine for that! If you were an Auto savy shark whom could perform all the work yourself, and had buddies who had used parts you could get it down as low as $900 for parts or even less depending who you know. But in reality one could expect the follow a$$ reaming at a local repair facility IF THEY WOULD EVEN DO IT.

There is the fact that the heads really need to come off, valve seals, springs and other modifications should be done. Especially if considering the HOT Cam, CompCams 305 and or the 306. These cams require modification to the valve train.

Lets see, now we add in R/I + overhaul heads, add about another 12 hours + 1100 in parts. Now your total is looking more like 3128.00 + 12 hours labor $1018 + 1100 parts = $5246.00

I have stated before that YES it would be cheaper for you to pull your engine and send it out to us for an overhaul. However having to work bent over the low hood line of a Camaro or Firebird and you will soon know why its big bucks for labor.

I can rebuild an engine with roller rockers, cam, PROPER aftermarket valve covers and even high compression pistons for $3800 + core. And that includes head work, parts and labor. The reason for this is because I dont have to pull or install the engine. The process is straight forward and most of the parts are cleaned all at once. When you are installing a cam into a vehicle with the intentions of keeping the motor in, with everything involved it can get expensive. But dont say I didnt warn you. Ask around, there are lots of people who thought they would spend less than they budgeted for and end up spending 2 - 3 X the amount.

Thats about it.

Yes that is the Auto-Trend Repairs and Service LT4 clone engine in that link. Considering all of what I have just said its a pretty good deal dont you think?

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