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Post Info TOPIC: How to make the headlamp wipers work - Heated Washer Solvent


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How to make the headlamp wipers work - Heated Washer Solvent

A lot of customers whom come in do not know how to use the headlamp wipers. For this reason I am making a thread to let everyone know how they work.

The wipers that clean off the headlamps are real nice on snowy nights where as build up would cover up the lamps. Its also nice to keep the bugs, salt, dust or other things off during a long trip. Some folks whom do not drive thier Mercedes every day, or strictly keep them in storage, or people whom do not own a Mercedes say that a regular car wash should be enough.

I myself feel they are good, and they really come in handy in the snowy conditions. Many people do not know that the headlamp wipers are automaticly cycled when they use their windshield washer. When the headlamps are on and you push in on the turn signal stalk it will squirt washer solvent on the headlamps and also cycle the wiper arms.

Vehicles that have a heated washer solvent bottle really have good results as once the vehicle is warm, so is the washer solvent.  The system basiclly works by pumping hot coolant thru coils inside the washer solven bottle. You can tell if your Mercedes has provisions for the heated washer solvent by looking at the windshield washer solvent bottle. If you have two steel lines that run in the top and coil out into the washer bottle, you have a heated washer solvent system.

While some think its over-kill, I personally think its cool. Some say they prefer the cleaner look of a vehicle without them, I think they add the extra "WoW" .

There are two diffrent kinds of wiper set ups used on the Mercedes. The North American style is a little more bulky looking and have been revised to work with the North American style headlamps. There is also the European style that are a lot more steam line and less bulky looking. The European sytle arms are designed to wiper the larger glass poriton found on european headlamps.


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