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Post Info TOPIC: California Drought! Is this just another SCAM to raise food prices?


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California Drought! Is this just another SCAM to raise food prices?

I was reading thru the internet top stories tonight when I come across this article about how there are serious drought problem in California.

What I dont understand here are several of the statements made in the article that really piss me off.

Quote from article -

"Farmers in the nations No. 1 agriculture state predicted it would cause consumers to pay more for their fruits and vegetables, which would have to be grown using expensive well water."

Expensive well water? LOL is this a joke? The only thing expensive about well water is the hole you dig and maybe the pumps. Seems to me these people SHOULD be thinking about having well's installed anyway. Given the increased cost of water bills in this area I would think the amount of water needed by large farmers would actually exceed the cost of installing wells. I think that statement is a crock of $hit!

Second Quote from article-

Youve got to think about water as a precious resource, he said. It may seem a stretch to conserve 20 percent of your water, but thats nothing in comparison to the consequences of the drought and job loss in agriculture.

This sounds like more bull $hit! Water is a precious resource? LOL, We have oceans full of water, there is water underground. This is just some more democratic BS just like the big gas price gouging that went on for awhile last year! Seems to me this all boils down to one thing... MONEY! And how to get more money for less effort. This kind of BS is why everything is falling apart. They just want more money for the crops, whatever they may be. With all the money California spends in stupid $hit they could easily fix this problem, but they wont, they will make it out to seem worse than it really is to jack up prices of farm goods, then later state they were cutting of supplies of water as a "Safe guard". Total BS.

Here is a link to the article.


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