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Post Info TOPIC: 280SE 3.5 Coupe ideas for changing out 4-speed for 5-speed manual?


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280SE 3.5 Coupe ideas for changing out 4-speed for 5-speed manual?

Greetings!  I've had a '71 280SE 3.5 coupe for 15 years.  She's a euro model, with 4-speed manual trans, geared so steep I swear it'll almost climb a tree.  Since the engine is a M116 3.5 V8 I was wondering if any (later) models (SLs, etc.) may have had a 5-Speed manual I could find to replace my 4-Speed? confuse Hopefully, a straight bolt on with no mod. Would be great to shift into 5th and drop the RPM a little on highways.  
Many Thanks for ideas!



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I am not well versed in the 1971 Mercedes-Benz, if only because it has been on this earth longer than me!

I am also not aware of a 5 speed transmission that would be a direct fit for your vehicle. You mention the vehicle is a 3.5 M116 V8 and I was un-aware that they even had a 3.5 V8.

The M116 is also an engine designation for 1986-1991 Mercedes Benz 4.2 liter V8's so I am wondering if possibly that engine has the same mating points as the later engine. Yet even if it did, the only manual transmission that I have seen with a manual (In the W126 chassis mind you) is the inline 6 cylinder.

Sorry I could not be of more help, however I am very much interested in having a look at this 3.5 M116 engine. Might you have a photo of the beast?


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Since you asked, here's a photo of the M116 / 3.5 ltr V-8. This was taken when I 1st bought the car, so it hasn't seen a proper clean-up yet.IMG_1284.JPG


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