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Post Info TOPIC: 2006 Jaguar XJ8 Front / Rear Lower Control Arm and Bushing Replacement


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2006 Jaguar XJ8 Front / Rear Lower Control Arm and Bushing Replacement

Recently got a newer Jaguar XJ8 in for what at first was just a shaking front end. Little did I know this vehicle had hit one of them nasty Detroit Michigan Pot holes that pretty much wiped out the control arm bushings and rims on the passengers side. One might think getting new bushings would be an easy thing, but this is Jaguar we are talking about. Most of the aftermarket does not have information on these parts, if they even offer them at all. While the front lower control arm can be remaned with new bushings, it would appear that the rear bushines are not yet on the market. Dealer price on a rear lower control arm is almost as bad as the front, in the $600 range, EACH. I wen't around and around looking for these rear lower control arm bushings, only to find that only one of the three rear lower control arm bushings are available (as of this date 6/24/2014). Ended up having to buy the entire control arms in the rear but I did take the time to take measurments incase anyone might come across some.

I did see remanufatured rear lower control arms on eBay, but from what I understand the places that are offering this service are suffing front lower control arm bushings (much smaller than the rear) inside a steel sleeve and calling it a day. I myself did not feel that was a safe way to go, you may feel otherwise but in the end it will just be less expensive to buy the whole arm from Jaguar until the bushings are offered.

Here she is as we got her in the rough.

Have a look at this front suspension set-up! It has a very nice ride when tight and very interesting.

The rear is just as impressive!

Here we get a look at pressing in a front lower bushing for the shock mount. It's somewhat of a pain, just take your time.

Performing the bushing swap aka "Reman" the front lower control arm can save you a fair amount of money. Some aftermarket kits are being sold for the older Jaguars and listed for use on the 2006. I ordered one of these "complete" kits only to get the earlier "Lincoln" style parts which had to be sent back, along with all kinds of other parts. Very important to order 326mm rotors if you have the newer style, as they will try and sell you Lincoln parts at some places.

Very interesting that they also do not sell front lower ball joints for these cars, rather they sell what we would all call a steering knuckle as a "Front bearing retainer". You can only get this ball joint right now as a part of that Knuckle and it does not include the wheel bearing either. Still, used may be the way to go IF you can find one, but a new housing less the hub is a little north of $400! Ouch!

Here we have the front end buttoned up. Now on to the rear!

In this photo above is the bushing that takes the pounding on these cars, there is one more just like it towards the rear of the car mounted to the frame. These bushings are no where to be found and they are much larger than the front shock bushings.

Here you can see the size difference between the front shock mount bushing (used by some rebuilders) and the rear lower control arm bushing. Quite a bit larger!

These measurments above are for the REAR lower control arm bushing.

With no supplier for the bushings a new arm was required.

The extent of the damages from the pot hole on the passengers side far exceeds what is listed here, but I can assure you these cars are easy to work with, but parts are often times not in stock aftermarket, and are on the pricy side. All in all, the car seems to be built very well and rides quite nice! Feels big yet very nimble with that added air ride comfort!  



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