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2000 deville

hello i have a 2000 deville and she is leaking coolant from some place and can not see it colud it be the crossover for the waterpump that i read you posted

malcom may


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It is possible, but without seeing where the leak is coming from I could not say with any certainty. There are a great number of reasons why a vehicle can overheat ranging from head gaskets, coolant leaks on down to plugged radiators and faulty cooling fans.  That being the case, it would be very difficult for me to say which of these could be causing your problem.

You suggest that the coolant is leaking, which I assume means that you're having to constantly refill the coolant? Is that correct? Are you able to see a visible puddle under the vehicle? If so you're going to want to check in that area and follow it up. It can be tricky on these Northstar engines since they are quite packed in there, but you'll want to find out the exact area that is leaking before you go digging into the crossover as it's a pretty major undertaking to say the least. I've seen radiator sides split that cause leaking, and depending on how quickly the coolant leaks out will dictate how quickly the engine overheats. For example a very slow leak should allow you to drive it for quite awhile before it gets low enough to start overheating. 

I guess I would need a whole lot more details to even be able to point you in a general direction.


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