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Post Info TOPIC: Corvette C4 1984-1988 Will not start - not getting fuel Tune Port + Crossfire with easy fix.


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Corvette C4 1984-1988 Will not start - not getting fuel Tune Port + Crossfire with easy fix.

1984-1988 Corvette C4 will not start - no fuel pressure but will run with carb cleaner sprayed into intake.

The early model C4 Corvette from 1984-1988 had the digital dash which is super cool, however a little known problem that is often times mis-diagonised as a bad fuel pump is actually an inaccurate fuel pump sender! That's right folks! It's a well known fact that early C4 Corvettes with the digital dash will become inaccurate even though it may appear to have 1/4 tank of fuel or more!

So if your Corvette is not starting and does not have fuel pressure, before you replace the fuel pump or authorize a shop to replace it be sure to add 5 gallons of gasoline if your fuel gauge is reading 1/4 tank or less as this is often times the problem. I have seen this first hand more than a half dozen times and I have seen countless Corvette forums sell people fuel pumps when they really were just out of gas! This problem can be compound when you park on an incline as the float is known to swing as such to register even more fuel when the vehicle is parked on the incline! So before you run out and buy a new fuel pump, add 5 gallons of gas! Don't fall for the traps that all these Corvette forums are known for, as many of them have people paying big bucks to sell you parts! Sure, if your sender is inaccurate you would probably want to replace it, or maybe you don't? Maybe you just want to fill the tank up and enjoy the vehicle during the summer and deal with the issue later in the winter months at your leisure!? Trust me, these advertisers and sponsors on other forums just want you to buy the parts, NOW! And if they just sell you a pump without the sender you'll be right back in the same boat before long again!

Please be sure to post a reply if this thread saved you from un-nessisarily buying a new fuel pump. While this isn't always the problem, often times if you are showing 1/4 tank or less of fuel and you have no fuel pressure, this is the problem.


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