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Post Info TOPIC: Tesla removing features on it's used cars!


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Tesla removing features on it's used cars!

Reports are coming out that used Teslas are stripped of major features such as Self Drive and Ludicrous Mode after being turned in and re-sold.

For those not in the know, these features can cost over $20,000 and are just software updates that can be turned off over the air!

Puts into perspective how regulations are not keeping up with technology as clearly this kind of thing is unheard of in regular cars. If you purchase a performance model they do not take that away when the owner sells the car! But they can on Teslas because it's nothing more than software. I have heard many reports of dealerships de-tuning vehicles as they age with software updates from the manufacture, but in this case it is much more profound as it's not just nominal performance decreases to address engine wear, it's all out removal!

If someone pays $20k for ludicrous mode, they will sell the car thinking that this feature is a part of their car that was purchased to increase its value in addition to having higher performance. The same could be said of self driving software...

Greed... That is all it boils down to.


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I replied in the other thread mate, but there's still room for this image to be added...



We're all being taken for suckers !


I certainly don't want that 5G microwave bollox hitting me everywhere I drive, in concentrated form, that's for sure !



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