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OnlyFans - anyone know anything about it?

Recently someone on one of the many platforms I visit decided to open an page.

Now I don't know much about OnlyFans from personal experence but from what I do know it's sort of like a "peep-show" platform out of London England that has found a way to monitize attractive women, and perhaps men too. 

It's dirty enough that I don't even dare reviewing it and I have reviewed some real shitholes in the past. lol

There seems to be a stigma that goes with the platform, much the same as one would feel trying to buy a Playboy or Penthouse magazine at a public store. That's to say you wouldn't want anyone you know seeing you buy it, for obvious reasons. Sure, some T and A is nice but you wouldn't want your neighbor to get your Hustler subscription delivered to their house by mistake. lol

That's not to say the women and men who set up shop on OnlyFans are bad people, they are making an honest buck doing their thing I'm sure! Sex probably sells better than anything else and marketing yourself could be a lucrative income for people well endowed in certian areas, the only question is, at least currently, "Do you want to be THAT guy or girl?" And I don't say this exclusively about the people who open up shop over there, I also say this as someone who would join and pay for that kind of thing? There is no doubt that the innocent "I'll just set up a page to make a few bucks and only chat" is how many people get started. But it can't be long before someone offers an amount to bring out a nipple or a beaver, then perhaps someone drunk with $500 has a suggestion for your lava-lamp. Stands to reason someone with enough money might even be able pull off a little IRL-trim eventually! That's none of my business, but is this where we are headed?

Asking for a friend. 

You can read more about it on Wiki


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