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Post Info TOPIC: Not ONE of my Republicans voted for stimulus money!
Did Republicans send the wrong message by voting against Stimulus? [2 vote(s)]

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Not ONE of my Republicans voted for stimulus money!

Not even ONE Republican voted for stimulus money! 

Given the fact that Trump engineered the COVID panic by allowing it to get out of hand I found this profoundly disappointing on the heels of what can only be called a years long shutdown!

I often wonder if it was China who played off Trumps well known germaphobic reputation, or if Trump was in on it with China thinking somehow it would help his re-election chances... I am thinking the latter given how cocky he was going into the 2020 election, as if to really think the entire nation was impressed by his allowing Democrat run states to shut down and trample their rights while creating an absolute circus with the media and his daily Coronavirus pressers that can only be considered to be like informercials... From Fauci to Brix, they all soaked in the lime light while inciting panic and pure chaos. The fact that toilet paper was the first thing to sell out can only be viewed as a divine acknowledgment that our dear leader was 100% full of shit and needed to be changed out like a babies diaper. 

Now it's more about selling vaccines than anything, and how did they come up with one so quickly? Because they probably already had it.

But this thread is about how badly the GOP and Republican party has wondered off the path and become lost. I don't see any real way to repair the damage that will be caused in the mid-terms by this little stunt! For Republicans their show of unity was too little WAY TOO LATE!

I would have to say the most insulting part was right after they all voted no on giving Americans much needed stimulus money they actually had the nerve to call me and ask for a donation! This was the first time I have EVER flat out told them to save their breath because I was not giving them a dime! And I understand, "It's politics" but "Politics" aside, this pandemic happened on Trump's watch and I don't think I am exagerating by saying that it was TRUMP who fanned the flames and allowed mass panic to set in. It was Trump who picked the people around him, many of whom didn't like him and allowed him to become a target for impeachment. The way Chump poured on the praise for China's Xi was a tipping point for me and I really wanted to beleive that he was just working some angle to the betterment of the American people but clearly I was wrong.

A lot of people will claim that I am being too hard on Trump and kicking him while he's down, but unlike Trump I prefer to do the job right! 

I don't see how a single Republican who voted against the stimulus could actually expect to hold their seats come mid-term! And I say this knowing that Democrats will slowly and methodically work to box in Republicans so that they can advance their liberal agendas, many of which are of serious detriment to the American way of life as we know it. Democrats will keep a low key, or at least attempt to appear that way until they have picked up enough seats in congress to go all out come mid-terms once they have the numbers they need. It would almost seem Republicans are completely clueless because regardless how much pork was in the bill for Democrats, the fact that the catalyst occurred on a Republicans watch seems to fly right over their big heads. 



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