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Post Info TOPIC: Did McAfee kill himself?
Did McAfee kill himself? [2 vote(s)]

He was Epstein'd
Not sure


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Did McAfee kill himself?

I know it's somewhat old news, that the story being told to us now is that McAfee killed himself by hanging in a Spanish prison right before learning of his emanate US extradition. 

But something does not make any sense... McAfee had Twitter while in Prison and swore he would never kill himself, and he also said the food in Spanish prisons, along with the living conditions were much worse than anywhere else... So why would he kill himself if he was going to be extradited to the US? Is he trying to say that condtions in US jails are much worse? Perhaps, but why wouldn't he have just said so much? The guy was rich and famous so it's not like someone wouldn't have brodcast his message for the fame alone, as I don't think they allow social media in US prisons, athough I think maybe they should.

I'd think if I was stuck in a Spanish prison that long I'd be excited to be moved around! Being stuck in the same place day after day it would be like a field trip, or at least a change of scenery. It just does not add up! Is America so bad now that the prospects of having to return make people want to kill themselves?

Bet McAfee rubbed shoulders with the likes of Epstein... I bet he knew something... I bet other people knew he knew something, perhaps a great deal of things!

This takes me back to my teenage years when I went to work for GM contracted under a company called EDS to build computers. Back then they just built their own... The recruter guy was an Indian and he asked me what anti-virus software I used, to which I replied "Norton"... he paused and immediatly said "We use McAfee, so you will want to say McAfee mmmmkay?"... In my mind I was like "yeah whatever mother flocker," and after being hired I decided that being some geek putting together computers every day at the crack of dawn wearing a tie wasn't for me and I didn't even bother showing up for the first day. Sad part is they called back to see if I was coming the next day! LOL, and I had to be like, Nah... I'll stick to fixing cars.


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I'm surprised you haven't blamed Hillary for this.


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RIP Mr.McAfee.

Speculation is just that, speculation...Who knows, maybe he got twep'd by an Avira-free user, after Avira-free cleared a virus that McAfee-paid couldn't ?.


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