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Post Info TOPIC: Liquid Piston
What are the chances of succes with the Liquid Piston engine ? [3 vote(s)]

Great, they'll sell millions.
No way Hose, it will be black-shelved like the others.
The proofs in the pudding, where's the pudding ?
I want one.
You must be joking.
There are better technologies available that are better, where are they ?


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Liquid Piston


It seems that some "engineers" have developed a new combustion-engine-type, they're calling the Liquid-Piston...

Claims are that it produces 10-times-more power than comparative sized engines, less emissions, & can be up-to 2/3's smaller than regular piston-powered engines...

It seems that they're wanting to break into the "hybrid" sector of the market, claiming that both batteries & engines are too large to be competitive in their markets.

A quick glance at the photos reveals that the engine has only 2-moving-parts, & overall, appears like the old Wenkel rotary-engine, with the remaining part looking like a water-pump impeller...Go figure !

What are your thoughts here & vote !!!

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The Wankel engine was supposed to revolutionize the world when it was introduced. At present Mazda is the only company using it, and only in one of their models. I don't really see any appreciable difference between this and the Wankel, and with gasoline engines already making way for electric cars, I expect this will not enjoy even the very limited utilization that the Wankel did.


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I was never impressed with performance in the early Mazda RX-7... I am told the later ones were much quicker but I never drove one to confirm. For sure a weird powerband in the early RX-7.

This new "liquid piston" setup sure looks a lot like a Wankel, but I wonder why they call it a "liquid piston" when it's clear there aren't any pistons in it at all! Plus it seems to run on petrol! The name almost implies that they came up with some sort of high tech steam engine, which honestly doesn't get any cleaner than that, but that's not the case. The problems with steam engines is the pollution made heating the water to the point it becomes steam.

Still, pretty interesting, although I think they might be getting a call from Mazda about possible similarities between it and the Wankel.

Could end up being the next engine for things like drones and lawnmowers but it would seem like a good old ICE would be much cheaper.


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