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Post Info TOPIC: Truck shocks suggestion for 2019 Ford Ranger


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Truck shocks suggestion for 2019 Ford Ranger

I had to limit my use of the 2019 Ford Ranger until I could figure out what was wrong. Unless I can devise a better suspension system, I'll have to trade it in for something with a less harsh ride. I don't bring anything heavy, just camping, hunting, and fishing equipment. It was fine during the test drive, but after a while, my neck and spine began to speak to me. Do you have any recommendations for truck shocks?



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Forget about shockers, unless they're worn-out, which I doubt, since you only just bought the truck, & it would have to have passed a "Road-worthy" inspection.

If the shockers / one shocker "is" worn, replace as a pair. A pair for front, &/or a pair for rear....

I'd go to the gas-station, & set the tyre pressures to OEM specs first...And then lower in 2-psi increments all round until happy with the ride.

If the OEM setting is say 36-psi, going below say 28-psi will see much less tyre life, & they may squeal too when going around corners.

You'll be very surprised at how much tyre pressure affects your ride comfort.


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I've been checking for other solutions, and it seems the aftermarket doesn't offer much for this truck yet. There are some different front struts from FCS and Bilstein, but otherwise nothing but the Motorcraft replacements from Ford. There is a mention of standard or "special" suspension. I suppose you could figure out which you have and try the other one. Whether any of the aforementioned will make it better (or worse) is unknown.


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