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Post Info TOPIC: Hot Wheels $120 Gucci 1970's Cadillac coming to a rich city near you!


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Hot Wheels $120 Gucci 1970's Cadillac coming to a rich city near you!

That's right folks! If you live in a rich city like New York, London, Seoul or Tokyo then you can strut on down to your local "select" fancy toy store where you will have the opportunity to buy ONE of the 5,000 limited edition 1:64 scale Gucci Cadillac Hot Wheels cars!

Seems like an awful small number of examples being made for a time when there are more millionaires than you can shake a stick at... So I'd imagine it will be one of them "hard to find" gifts that you most certainly will not find hanging next to a $1 Hot Wheels car on the shelf at your local peasants stores... nope, to buy this you will have to fly to one of the "select" stores in the "select" cities listed above!

I guess for the people who owned a 1970's Gucci Cadillac this is great news! For everyone else, including the kids who are building out their collections, it's just another expensive piece they will be missing in their collection. Or perhaps it was more geared towards the old timers who collected Hot Wheels back in the 70's, although I can't see $120 Hot Wheels collector edition being too popular back then. 

I say this knowing full well that I've paid over $120 for emblems on my Corvette that were less plastic than a Hot Wheels.


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LOL !!!

The car itself is "mehhh" IMO...It looks like a 2-door that they stretched-out into a 4-door...

As a coupe it might have some cred.


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